Terzer is a collaborative platform that integrates clients and suppliers with a logistical profile in international trade. We connect the best companies with high performance ratings. The platform is ideal for clients or suppliers seeking a technological tool for managing their operations and creating a professional network of qualified business partners.

Staying in the past has no discussion, business evolution is a path of our interest, we have the goal of being for our clients a working tool that solves each project that is undertaken in a simple and efficient way.

We know that everything constantly changes, advances and improves, we believe in innovative companies that handle evolved products and services, we know the importance of their performance and we move forward with them towards the future.


Provide a platform for work, collaboration and consultation to all companies in the fields of trade, international business and logistics, with the tools to carry out operations and their administration in a simple and efficient way.


Becoming national and international benchmarks in the development of platforms and technological solutions with data management for operations in international trade, contributing to the development and competitiveness of the logistics operating sector.


  • Team work and collaboration
  • Customer focus and reliability
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Responsibility and Transparency